On 26 November 2015, the Regional Court of Düsseldorf (14c O 124/15) ruled that a condom manufacturer’s claim that its condoms correspond to up to three orgasms each was deceptive and could tempt people to use the condoms several times. The company, Einhorn, a Berlin-based company that produces fair trade and vegan-friendly condoms, declared on its packaging that the seven condoms contained therein were good for up to 21 orgasms (1 Tüte á 7 Stück entspricht bis zu 21 Orgasmen). Fair Squared, one of Einhorn’s competitors, was not amused and obtained an injunction from the Regional Court of Düsseldorf barring Einhorn from advertising with that slogan. Einhorn in turn asked the Regional Court to overturn the injunction it had granted on the grounds that the slogan was (supposedly) misleading.
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