According to press reports, the German Ministry of Justice recently released a draft law proposal to restrict injunctions in patent cases by equitable considerations in individual cases. Currently, under German patent law, a permanent injunction is the automatic remedy if a patent is found to be infringed. And since digitalization has led to an increase in the number of patents involved in a single product (e.g., cars, smartphones), the grant of injunctive relief based on a single patent may therefore easily
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As automobiles are becoming part of the Internet of Things, “connected” technologies are increasingly deployed to enhance the safe operation of autonomous vehicles. These “intelligent” vehicles rely on an ecosystem of proprietary and third-party components to gather, analyze and react to data from both inside and outside the vehicle. In order to reduce costs, accelerate development and enhance the interoperability of connected technologies and applications, automakers
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Today’s cars include up to 100 electronic control units as well as numerous sensor networks and assistance systems. While these devices can improve the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers, they also can collect and store a great deal of information about the current driving pattern, geolocation, traffic or even weather conditions. Some data collected this way
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Im Rahmen der Webinarreihe der Automotive-Gruppe von Mayer Brown hat Dr. Ulrich Worm einen Einblick gegeben in das Thema  „Standardessentielle Patente, FRAND und Patent-Pools: Terra Incognita für die Automobilindustrie?“ Sie können sich die gehaltene Präsentation herunterladen sowie sich den Audiomitschnitt des Webinars anhören. Nutzen Sie folgenden Link, um auf die Veranstaltungsseite zu gelangen.